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TuxedoParkLogo1139 Shelby St.
Indianapolis, 46203.
www.tuxedoparkbrewers.com adam@tuxedoparkbrewers.com
Jason@tuxedoparkbrewers.com No phone yet. 1) It’s not in the Tuxedo Park neighborhood. 2) It’s not a brewery. It’s a homebrew shop. Adam and Jason Burk and Brent Chapman have been brewing for a long time now. Economy bad? Laid off? Time to open a homebrew shop. There’s a garage available in Fountain Square. Never mind that it fronts the alley east of Shelby St. Never mind that they have to build the shop around a Mustang. Just do it. Right now they’re sorta open. They’re there from 10am-6:30pm Mon through Fri and Saturday from 1am to 5pm. If the customers haven’t heard about them yet, there’s a lot of construction, setup, inventory work and even some brewing to do. Why would you go to Tuxedo Park rather than Great Fermentations? 1) They’re on the south side. Or at least on your way from downtown to the south side. 2) They will produce vessels, weld fittings, make cuts, etc. 3) Their emphasis is all-grain brewing. No kits on the shelves (although some liquid malt will be around for partial grain folks). 4) No bottles either. Take the labels off some Sam Adams. They know the extra $1 is better spent on ingredients. 5) There’s a boar’s head over the counter. Free classes start Sat, Feb 19 at 1pm with a beginner class. They plan to have a class on some topic every other week. Male an RSVP if you will. TP-AdamBrent
Adam and Brent TP-Brewery
The brewhouse is still being set up. TP-Map

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  1. Thanks for the help, Bob.
    The phone number is 317-408-6970. We started in the Tuxedo Park Neighborhood and have built up a loyal following of a wonderful group of friends and customers. We didn't see it fitting to change it up for the people who know us, and for the people who don't, come by to check out how we can help you.
    We don't sell beer, as that would be against the law. We sell the equipment and supplies and teach the know-how for you make a beer that is all your own. We try to offer the expertise along with good customer service, making everyone feel welcome and like a friend when they walk in.
    We will be creating our own extract(DME) and all-grain kits in the near future. If you need help creating your recipe, just let us know and we'll customize any kit for you. We have equipment, hardware kits, and ingredients to get anyone started brewing, or whatever you need to augment your current system.
    Yes, the entrance is in the back of the building from the alley, not facing Shelby Street, but in these dire economic times we have to take what we can afford to get our customers their supplies at a good price. Why should you pay more for our overhead? Besides, wait until the weather clears and we can spruce up the outside, paint/decorate and I think you'll enjoy coming over for some samples, some grill-out food, and some corn hole out on the pad.
    Eventually, as business and inventory grow, we will have some bottles and other such items, but I would rather show you how inexpensive and easy it is to get some corny kegs and a kegfridge going. We have bottle caps, and we didn't know why someone would pay for empty bottles when you can just buy some full ones and have fun emptying them!
    Our location is great for anyone in town, around town, or any side of town to come by. Nice and central, and easy for anyone going out of the city or coming in.
    Please stop by to see how we can help and supply with you what you need to make a great craft brew.

  2. No thanks. Their beer at Winterfest sucked, and I was also told they were talking shit about Anita. You can't do that.

  3. We started buying our grain and equipment at GF back when they were by the Brewpub; if it wasn't for them we wouldn't have ever started brewing beer in the first place. So we're heavily in debt to Anita, Darren, and all the current and past staff at GF, and only wish them the best. The Indy metro area is pretty large, and I think there's a place for two homebrew shops. Also, we're selling beer ingredients and not beer, so if you think our beers suck then so be it. We do offer kits but you can make up your own recipe and buy ingredients independent of our personal views on recipe formulation. We do offer samples in the shop, so you may want to steer clear of the kegerator!

  4. I have been going to Tuxedo Park since February. They have always been very helpful and very patient with newbie questions. The classes are very informative and free to attend. If there is something you want but do not see on the shelf just ask and they can usually get it quickly.

    Good guys, that have helped me learn to brew good beer!

  5. As an update for anyone who might end up at this page, please note that our hours have changed as of February 1, 2012 as follows:

    Tuesday – Friday 11:00am – 6:30pm
    Saturday 11:00am – 5:00pm
    Sunday & Monday CLOSED

    Happy Brewing!



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