UpCup at Upland Brewery results 2011

Congrats to the top brewers honored by winning the Upland Brewery UPCUP 2011. This years winners are… (Drum roll):

Randy Jones, 1st place, of Indianapolis for his “Mother’s Milk Sweet Stout.” Randy brews with help of Tuxedo Park Brewers of Fountain Square, Indy.
Randy will work with Caleb Staton, Head Brewer of Upland, to brew this beer for the brewery

Jasan Mundy, 2nd place, of Bloomington for the “Kate Middleton after the divorce Ordinary Bitter” — Jasan is with Bloomington Hop Jockeys Club

Frank Petrarca, 3rd place, of Indianapolis for his “Hefe for my Hunny” hefeweizen. Frank is with the Foam Blowers of Indiana Club.

There was an honorable mention this year due to the small judging points difference: Steven Llewellen of Bloomington for a Black IPA aged in Oak. Steve is with the Bloomington Hop Jockeys Club.

Thirteen judges and stewards sanctioned by the Beer Judge Certification Program were organized by National level Judge Ron Smith and volunteered all day at Upland. Staton keeps hands off except to thank judges and allow them to pick the top beers so the best beer can truly be brewed out of approximately 65 entries this year.