Watching A Craft Brewery Grow..

I haven’t been apart of the craft brewery scene for long. I’m sure those who have, for example, some of my fellow reporters and our IndianaBeer founder, Bob O., know this feeling a hundred times over.

What feeling is this you ask?
Watching a brewery that you love grow. 

I wish I could have been there at the beginning of Sun King, of Flat 12 Bierwerks, of even Upland to watch them expand into bars and build their successful businesses. Now, I’ve seen Triton Brewing Company and Fountain Square Brewery pop up and expand, but maybe because it is dear and near to me, it hasn’t been as special as watching Bier Brewery grow.

Even though I’ve only known of Bier Brewery for about a year, I love reading their newsletter that announces their successes. I read about another bar nearby getting their kegs and that now they even have their own tap handles for bars. I sit there and read and smile.

I know I am only one craft beer lover out of thousands in the area, but a pint here, a growler there but seeing the local breweries grow is just something that makes me happy to be a part of it all. Even in the small way of just sharing it here, or via other forms of social media.

In closing.. 
Keep up the good work Indiana Breweries. We need to share you with the nation and future generations.

– Kathleen