What Kathleen Has Been Drinking These Days.

The first thing that people say to me when I say that I’m a beer blogger is “You must drink a lot of beer”.  Yes and no. I’m selective about the beer I drink. However, in some aspects, I do drink a lot of beer.

So, what have I been drinking lately? Let’s see!

1. DigIN 

Chillin’ with a pint of Pooka!

On August 26th, I was able to be an early morning volunteer at DigIN which is a great event that showcases all things Indiana from wine, food, artisans goods and of course Beer!

This year the following breweries were represented at DigIN:
Sun King
3 Floyds Brewing
New Albanian
Barley Island
Upland Brewing
Brugge Brasserie
Black Swan
Flat12 Bierwerks
Crown Brewing
Mad Anthony

Beer Highlights were Flat 12 debuting their pumpkin ale: Flat Jack which btw will be in bottles this fall. Also of course had Brugge’s Pooka.  Black Swan had a Belgian Dark, Sun King came with Osiris and Sunlight and stopped by New Albanian to try their Black and Blue Grass saison which with having the black pepper spice and the blue agave, I’d rather have a more sweeter saison.

If you are wondering why I didn’t have all – I blame all the delicious food at DigIN. I didn’t make it past two tents before I was stuffed!

2. Thr3e Wise Men – Antonius 1742 Oktoberfest

I’ve said it many times, but I really do like hitting up Thr3e Wise Men for their tapping parties. It is well made, dependable beer. Even though this time of year I’d rather have a Pumpkin Ale than an Oktoberfest, I still appreciated this malt style and the clean drinkability of Thr3e Wise Men’s Oktoberfest.  I also enjoyed a pint of their @Brewhouse Brown which appears to be a new house beer and is a 2nd place Brewer’s Cup winner.

It is nice that the brewery has grown to produce more beer, if you didn’t know Thr3e Wise Men select beer styles are available in Scotty’s Brewhouse throughout town.  It makes it even better to go to Thr3e Wise Men and your only options are house beers. I like a good session beer, but I also like variety.  Currently they have 8 different beers available on their board.

3.  At home!

No Intros Needed

As if that last one is a surprise. I’ve had multiple visits recently to Kahn’s and Payless Liquors doing random picks of bottles of beer. Also good to give a new try by just buying a bottle.  My most recent trip to Payless Liquors though was only for two of my favorite fall beers  –

Schlafly Pumpkin Ale and Founder’s Breakfast Stout.
I learned last year especially with my pumpkin expeditions that Schlafly was amazing. I need to still try some pumpkin ales – like Southern Tier’s PumKing!

Speaking of pumpkin – I never really did a blog on the beer blogger’s conference (Ironic, I know), but there was some delicious beer there! (of course)  Samuel Adams is currently doing a “Small Batch Series” of beer. This gives the Boston Beer company a chance to bring out some specialty beers such as Fat Jack, which I would say rivals Schlafly in their pumpkin spice.  As a side-note – Also try Samuel Adams – Thirteenth Hour. I think Nathan & Greg would agree this one is worth it. (It is a dark Belgian stout with a multitude of flavors such as coffee, chocolate, rum, dark fruits all from its 7 different malts… I could go on and on but this is a different topic 🙂 )

Fancy Glass – Schlafly Pumpkin Ale

So back to topic, this has been what I’ve been drinking lately.  I’m looking forward to more pumpkin, porters and stouts this time of year.

Also tonight I’ll be at The Sinking Ship for the Bell’s Brewery Tap Takeover – Going to try Kalamazoo Hopsoulution Ale

In a few weeks, off to Beer Sellar in Castleton for Schlafly Night with Tom Schlafly! – and of course pumpkin ale.

Hope to see you out and about! I’ve been running into a few readers here and there. Of course you can follow my beer escapades at twitter.com/@KJLSlauzis

Until next time!
– Kathleen