What’s on at the Bloomington Craft Beer Fest, April 8!

Entrance to the Woolery Mill Home of BCBF

The Bloomington Craft Beer Fest Saturday, April 8, starting at 2 (3 for early bird tickets) should have great weather and a great variety of beer. Weather is to be in the 60s and sunny this year.  Tickets were still available as this was written so scroll to the bottom for the link!   Twenty brewers have already released some of the beers they are bringing. Here are a few for you to get excited about!

The Broad Ripple Brew Pub, Indiana’s oldest currently operating brewery, will serve a Dark hero, a dark chocolate milk stout with local coffee for the early bird session and for the 3 p.m. session a Ministry of Rye, a combination of a strong ale rye aged in bourbon barrels at  Flat12 blended with the straight rye ale from the Brew Pub.

Bloomington Craft Beer Fest 2016

Carson’s Brewery of Evansville brings a Smoocher sour ale that started as their red ale but spent time in a bourbon barrel with souring effect during the VIP session, and a CoCo Loco Coconut Porter for the main event.

Crown Brewing of Crown Point favors us with the Flamme Rouge Raspberry Wheat Beer for the day as long as it lasts.

Fountain Square Brewing will have the Winter King wheat wine, a cousin to a barleywine but with a large quantity of wheat as a warmer.  (9% abv)


Function Brewing, as one of the hometown breweries, often has the largest beer selection for this fest.  We count 21 currently on their list.  We won’t hold back.  Here is the list as Steve Llewellyn has provided:

Function worker finds a beer (2016)

  1. Codex Stout with Cayenne -Vanilla- Cinnamon- and Cacao Nibs (6.7%),
  2. White IPA with coriander and orange peel (5.5%),
  3. Szechuan Pale Ale (4.6%),
  4. Belgian Brown (5.5%),
  5. Peppermint Stout (5.0%),
  6. Smoked IPA (5.9%),
  7. Jalapeno-Pineapple Tangent IPA (6.7%),
  8. Ratio Golden dry-hopped with Jarrylo (5.0%),
  9. Ratio Golden dry-hopped with Lemondrop (5.0%),
  10. Ratio Golden dry-hopped with El Dorado (5.0%),
  11. Obtuse Imperial Spiced Blonde (8.4%),
  12. Vinculum Sour Blonde (4.9%),
  13. Coffee Milk Stout (5.0%),
  14. Tangent IPA (6.7%),
  15. Volume Cream Ale with apricot and peach (firkin) (5.3%),
  16. Digit Red with dates and orange peel (firkin) (6.2%),
  17. Origin Cherry Brown aged on bourbon staves (5.4%),
  18. Lemma English Mild aged on bourbon staves (3.7%),
  19. Isometric IPA (6.7%),
  20. Fourier Session Citrus Blonde (3.5%),
  21. Discontinuity Barleywine aged on oak (9.4%)

 Burn Em Brewing of Michigan City does not bring that much but this year’s list does have 8 beers.

  1. 3:33 Black IPA (6.9% – 76 IBU),
  2. Monks Made Me Burn ‘Em Belgian Pale Ale (5.6% – 38 IBU)
  3. Come Alt Me Bruh Double Alt Bier (8.3% – 48 IBU),
  4. Forty-Two Amber Rye Ale (6.2% – 42 IBU),
  5. Kreamed Corn Indiana Cream Ale (5.7% – 20 IBU),
  6. Smoke That Shizz Blonde Ale brewed w/ Smoked Malt and Honey (7.3% – 23 IBU),
  7. Duke Silver Jazzy Robust Porter (7% – 40 IBU),
  8. Dark Side of the Moo Chocolate Milk Stout (6.6% – 21 IBU)

Grand Junction Brewing from Westfield will delight with Mulligan Scottish ale

Mad Anthony of Fort Wayne features HopSquatch IPA (7.5% – 60 IBU) as well as an Apricot Sour

The Tap Brewery, another hometown brewer, will surprise some with Wanderer Gruit, and delight others with Bionic Dragon IPA (6.8%, 80 IBU), or HatchPorter pepper ale!

ZwanzigZ is almost expected annually to have the Ghost Pepper Stout (it’s on their list) and brings back the Sneaking Deacon Zwickel beer and a Vanilla Cinnamon Porter.

There are many more to be had with 50 breweries on board!

As of Thursday night, April 6, this festival that always sells out still had some tickets available. Check out the link  http://bloomingtonbeerfest.com/  or go directly to  CLICK HERE for etix LINK