Why you should consider (or reconsider) going to Dark Lord Day 2013

This year Three Floyds have made a lot of changes to their annual event marking the release of their famed Russian Imperial Stout Dark Lord. I have not been able to make it to one of these events yet, mostly due to the demand for tickets being astronomical the past few years. The tickets are released on St. Patrick’s day every year online. This year they go on sale at 1 pm EST (12 pm CST) Sunday March 17th. However its the changes to the tickets that are going to, in my opinion, improve the festival. There is a limit of 2 tickets per transaction online, however the most important part is the fact that the tickets will be printed with the name of the purchaser. It will be, and has been for the last few years at least, against the rules of the event to resell or trade the tickets. However this hasn’t stopped many people in the past from selling the, previously $15, for upwards of $100. On the Dark Lord website Three Floyds has specifically said that anyone with a ticket must have a valid government issued ID that corresponds to the name on the ticket to be granted access to the event.  Also Three Floyds has increased the number of sales sessions from 3 last year to 5 this year. I am certainly going to attempt to get tickets this Sunday, and good luck to all you out there who are going to try to get some too.  Below I’ve listed some of the rules from the Dark Lord website.

  • Tickets are non-transferable (no resale or trading)
  • Valid state or federal ID or valid passport of the original purchaser of the tickets required
  • No children or pets (strictly 21 and over)
  • No coolers (although beer trading/sampling is allowed)
  • Tickets are $30 per ticket (limit of 2 tickets per person)
  • The event is cash only (there is an ATM on site)
  • There will be food vendors, as well as live music
  • Dark Lord day is April 27th from 11am – 11pm EST (10am -10pm CST)
    1. Group A 11am – 1pm EST (10am – 12pm CST)
    2. Group B  1pm – 3pm EST (12pm – 2pm CST)
    3. Group C  3pm – 5pm EST (2pm – 4pm CST)
    4. Group D  5pm – 7pm EST (4pm – 6pm CST)
    5. Group E  7pm – 9pm EST (6pm – 8pm CST)

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  1. Hmm, perhaps I will reconsider. I went several years ago when there were so many people it was unsanitary (e.g. urinals overflowing, people relieving themselves in the open field). I have never been able to get tickets since and frankly just gave up on it. Also, I haven't been too appreciative of the attitude of some of the employees these past couple of years. They're getting a little big for their britches if you ask me. But alas… I like their food and beer.

  2. I've attended 5 Dark Lord Days and it's just not worth the hassle or cost to continue attending. I definitely recommend you go at least once, it's a great experience.

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