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WilburDanMeet Dan Hause, the owner of the Wilbur Brewhause in the middle of the woods between Martinsville and Wilbur, Indiana.

That’s Dan on the right. The goats really don’t have anything to do with the brewery. They won’t even eat spent malt, they are just there to eat the poison ivy – but who could resist such a picture?

Dan seems to jump hip-deep if not head-first into his projects, like timber-frame building (including the goat shed), and brewing. It started 5 years ago when he and his son got a homebrew kit for Christmas. Now he has federal and state licenses and even Certified Organic status for his beers.

Let’s talk about the idyllic setting for a minute. Can you spot the brewery in this picture?

The little A-frame is one of three buildings left from when this woodsy enclave of a dozen houses was a Girl Scout Camp.

Now the small kitchen is a homebrew-sized 5 gallon brewery. Just enough room for a half-dozen fermenters, a brew kettle, a manual bottling line, and a pallet of empty bottles in the living room waiting patiently to be used.

Dan is making 2 beers right now,

  • Country Mellow – Creamy sweet Pale Ale with Nugget hops. 8%
  • Biker Brown – Thick and creamy with big cocoa/coffee type flavors over a light maltness. 9%

Right now, they are available only at the Old Northside Bar & Grill in Martinsville but they’ll appear shortly in the World Class Beverages Indiana 12-pack.
All of Wilbur Brewhause’s beers are krausened and naturally carbonated to produce a bottle-conditioned product.

CountryMellowLabel2      BikerBrownLabel2

7 thoughts on “Wilbur Brewing

  1. Good luck Dan — from the person most like to take the prize for being your nearest neighbor to your house to enter on your blog.

    I am on Berean road. I a crow would be so foolish as to fly over the ravines, gullies and ridges, I would live within a mile of you. Sadly, Martinsville is way to far go go to buy beer — since I make mine in my basement.

    Anyway, I look forward to trying your beer.

  2. Just picked up a 6-pack of the Biker Brown Ale from Sahara Mart in Bloomington…Wonderful flavor! Can't wait to try some more!

  3. Just got a pack of Oktoberfest from the southside of Bloomington. Wonderful stuff; I really like the color. I'm aware of the benefits of krausening and keeping the beer fresh, and you could tell that this stuff was just getting better with age. Great stuff, thanks!

  4. Wow, being from martinsville growning up. Now living in bloomington.it is refreshing to find a good beer from a community of keystone light drinkers

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