Winterfest Pictures – 2014

I’ll let the rest of the crew talk about the beer and what you could taste. Here, at random, is what you could see. Click for bigger. Winterfest2014Panarama P1060266 P1060268 P1060270 P1060271 P1060272 P1060274 P1060275 P1060276 P1060277 P1060278 P1060279 P1060280 P1060281 P1060285 P1060288 P1060289 P1060290 P1060291 P1060292 P1060293 P1060294 P1060295 P1060297 P1060299 P1060300 P1060301 P1060309 P1060310 P1060311 P1060312 P1060313 P1060314 P1060315 P1060316 P1060317 P1060318 P1060319 P1060322 P1060324 P1060326 P1060327 P1060328 P1060329 P1060330 P1060331 P1060334 P1060332 P1060333 P1060335 P1060338 P1060336 P1060337 P1060339 P1060340 P1060341 P1060342 P1060346 P1060348 P1060347 P1060351 P1060352 P1060356 P1060354 P1060357 P1060359 P1060360 P1060361 P1060365 P1060362 P1060363 P1060364 P1060367 P1060366 P1060368 P1060369 P1060372 P1060370 P1060374 P1060373 P1060376  P1060379 P1060380 P1060377 P1060381 P1060382 P1060383 P1060384 See ya next year.