Working it for Winterfest

Unlike roaming free with my fellow reporters, I decided to join  Hoosier Beer Geeks’s volunteer squad for Winterfest.  I was at the fairgrounds at 11am, about 4 hours before the VIP were allowed in, and worked til about 9:30pm, which was after a massive cleanup!!

Volunteering was an interesting experience.

I ran into people I had met volunteering at the summer’s Microbrewer’s Festival, I had people I knew volunteer with me. I got to walk the halls and talk to new breweries like BullDog, see my local favorites like Bier Brewery, meet people from the home brewers club such as from the Ohio Valley Home Brewers Association, and taste on tap for the first time Founders’ Breakfast Stout and Cerise.

I’d say my favorite times were being able to get behind the scenes and participate, use my volunteer “powers” for beer, and just basically talk with a lot of people while I was out and about.  It was also the first time all the IndianaBeer reporters were together 🙂 

As for the beers… the Highlights of my Day was:

Flat 12 Bierwerks – Moustache Ride  – An amber ale aged in used whiskey barrels w/ vanilla beans (Jim Beam Barrels).

Dark Horse Brewery  – Scotty Karate Scottish Ale – A smooth Scottish ale with a small smokey chocolate/vanilla like taste. 

Barley Island – Count Hopula – An Imperial IPA. (I know. me.. a malty girl, actually enjoyed a hoppy style beer)  What can I say, even at 84 IBU, it was still smooth to me. 

I had plenty other delicious beer while I was out and about. The volunteering experience even started with us passing around bottles of Bell’s Brewery – Hopslam.  I finally got to try Flat12 Bierewerks – Blackberry Porter.  Overall, I think there was a definite plus to Winterfest that will make me come back again next year and volunteer all over again. 

As for some picture highlights — check out the views below:

  Pre – Winterfest  Prep –
 Getting all those Wristbands ready to attack arm hair! 
There are a lot of glasses here.. 
unfortunately we ran out!
Goes to show that Winterfest was a big hit. 
Small Crowd going already with the VIP’s and Media inside. 
Winterfest Brochure.  It did exist!
I hope everyone had a good time, plenty of great beer, and made it home safe. 
Thanks for all the high fives and the fist bumps while I guarded the exit!
– Kathleen