Years Back – Review of the Continent

Terry and I spent from May through September driving around the Continent and now it was time to head for warm ol’ Enlgand for the winter. Had to decide what were our favorite sights, museums, food, etc. Here’s an attempt. Yah, sorta boring but we’ll get back to beer news RSN.

Favorite Big Cities
1 – Bob) Berlin
1 – Terry) Paris
(Also) Barcelona
Favorite Smaller Towns
1) Brugge, Belgium
Annecy, France
Bamberg, Germany
Ghent, Belgium
Strasbourg, France
(Also) Edam, Netherlands
(Also) Gibraltar
(Also) Hamlin, Germany
(Also) Heilbronn, Germany
(Also) Leiden, Netherlands

Favorite Museums
1) House at Checkpoint Charlie – Berlin
2) Red Cross Museum – Geneva
Decorative Arts Museum – Budapest
Forum of Contemporary History – Leipzig
House of Terror – Budapest
Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland – Bonn
Musikinstrumenten Museum – Berlin
Zepplin Museum – Friedrichshafen, Germany
Favorite Attractions

1) Peace Palace – Den Haag
1) Eiffel Tower – especially at night when the whole thing flashes
Le Linge (WWI Trenches)
Notre Dame Cathedral
Pont de Gard
Rosarium – Gangerhausen, Germany

Bob’s Picks
Terry’s Picks
Eagle’s Nest – Berchtesgaden
East Side Gallery – Berlin
Thomaskirche – Leipzig
1) Mt. Blanc and the Ice Cave
BUGA 05 (flower show)
Boat trip down the Danube
Falls of the Rhine – Neuhasen, Germany
Favorite Chateaus
1) Versailles
2) Chateau Chambord – Blois
Imperial Apartments – Vienna
Residence / The Treasury – Munich
Rosenau Palace – Rodental
Amsterdam Royal Palace
Salzburg Residenz
Favorite Auto Museums
1) Schlumpf Collection – Mulhouse, France
EFA Auto Museum – Amerang, Germany
Musee Automobile de la Sarthe – LeMans, France

Favorite Small or Unusual Museums/Attractions
1) Polder Windmill – The Netherlands
2) Museum of the Culture of the Hand – Wolnzach, Germany
Les Gorges du Pont du Diable – Evian, France
Jardins de Papillons – Hunawir, France
Musee de la Cloche – Annecy, France
Salz Werks – Neckarsulm, Germany
Schweine Museum – Bad Wimpfen, Germany
The Sewers – Paris
Volkskundemuseum – Antwerp

Strangest Strange Attractions/Sights/Happenings
1) The Catacombes – Paris
2) Labyrinth – Budapest
Kloister Au Braustuberl – Au am Inn, Germany
Mannekin Pis / Jannekin Pis – Brussels
Museum in a Stasi Bunker – Leipzig
Third Reich amphitheater near Heidelberg
A guy we were with at lunch eating “lardmeat” at Der Weiss in Munich
4 different red light districts (Barcelona, Budapest, Amsterdam, Brussels)
4 nude beaches (Nice, Munich, Brataslava, Netherlands)
Favorite Unexpected Delights
1) Landshut wedding festival.
2) Eiffel Tower at night.
2) A massive rainbow in Lichtenstein (and another in Calais).
3) Mount Blanc at sunset.
3) Schloss Frankenburg Wine Festival.
Bridge in Lisbon at dawn from our porthole.
Driving from Monaco to the Haute de Europe and beyond.
European Senior Table Tennis Championship.
Liquoristerie De Provence Versinth distiller.
Organ concerts in Antwerp and Heidelberg.
Spectating the Rallye Coeur de France.
Stuibenfall – Umhausen, Austria.
Surfing in Englishcher Garten.
Train/Tram/Bus 1-rate ticket in Berlin, Paris, Munich, etc.
The view of Gordes, France.
Watching Parasailers.
Most Disappointing Attractions
1) Packaging Museum – Heidelberg
1) Simserhof (Maginot Line)
2) D-Day Beaches
2) Chateau de Champchevrier – Luynes, France
Diksmuide (Belgium) beer festival
Schloss Schonbrunn – Vienna – No tickets available.
The Sewers – Cologne
St. Thomas cruise stop
Glockenspeil – Munich Rathaus (but we knew that going in)
Favorite European Foods
1 – Terry) 3 Fonteinen’s fish soup
1 – Bob) Pork cutlet Szentendre covered in grated potatoes and deep fried
2) Pork roll at Kloister Andechs
Chinese Lemon Chicken in a strawberry sauce in Bettembourg, Luxembourg
French bread picnics with sausage and brie
German pickles – dill, marinated with onion, spices, garlic, etc.
Haxe  – pig knuckle
Maultaschen – meat ravioli, Bavarian style
Moravian onion soup
Mussels in cream sauce
Pfefferlinge mushrooms
Schnitzel stuffed with mushrooms, cheese, ham, and pepper
Strammer Max – ham and potatoes on toast with an egg on top
Venison goulash
Plus) At the Schweiger Brau Haus in Markt Schwabing, Germany, Staciatella Creme auf Walbeerog Hurtsauce. Not exactly a raspberry sherbert with a red sauce that isn’t exactly raspberry, cherry, cranberry, or strawberry. Served with pineapple slices under powdered sugar and cinnamon with little red Johnannesberrys.
Favorite Beer Museum/Attractions
1) Internationales Berliner Bierfestival
2) Brasserie Cantillon – Brussels
Brewery Museum – Bamberg
Brouwershof – Fortem (Alveringem), Belgium
Fete de la Biere – Lusanne, Switzerland
Also) Brau Welt – Salzburg
Also) Luxembourg National Beer Museum – Wiltz, Luxembourg
Also) Confederation of Belgian Brewers Guildhouse – Brussels
Favorite Bars
1) Kulminator – Antwerp
2) ‘t Brugs Beertje – Brugge
2) Kafee Hop Duvel – Ghent
2) Gollem – Amsterdam
Antigua Casa De Guardia – Malaga
Delirium Cafe – Brussels
DePaas – Den Haag
Cervaceria Inter Tapa – Barcelona
Paters Vaetje – Antwerp
Favorite  Brewpubs / Brewery Taps
1) Schlenkeria – Bamberg
2) Die Weise – Salzburg
2) Kloster Andechs – Andechs, Germany
3) Weiss Brau – Cologne
3) Ninkasi – Lyon
3) Augustiner – Salzburg
Brauerie Frohsinn – Arbon, Switzerland
Vetter’s Alt Heidelberg Brauhaus
Kaltenberg Etterem – Budapest
Klosterbrau – Bamberg
t’ Pakhuis – Antwerp
Zum Schad – Halle
Favorite Beers
Bob’s Picks
Terry’s Picks
1) Schlenkeria Rauchbier Marzen
2) Barbar Winter
2) Barbar Winterbok
2) Gordon Highland Scotch
2) Kwelcouffe Special Blonde
2) Leffe Radieuse 10°
2) Troubadour Obscura
Andecher Dunkel
Aventinus WeizenStarkbier
Beiaards Witte Ros – Amsterdam
Brauhaus Hausham 1935 Dunkel
Gordon Xmas
Schwabenbrau Das Schwarze
Seven Stern Chili
Wurzburger Hofbrau Schwarzbier
Bass King’s Ale 1981
Courage Russian Imperial Stout 1983
1) 3 Fonteinen Oude Kriek – Beersel
2) Wochinger Brau Weissbier Hefe – Traunstein
3) Die Weise Weiss Rot – Salzburg
Ambrosarium Dunkel – Bamberg
Brewery on the Grand Place Cherry – Brussels
Wittekerke Rose
Plus) Hoegaarden Kriek – a blend of Hoegaarden
and Lindemans Kriek (both on tap) with a dash of
raspberry syrup.
Favorite Town Names
Poppinwind, Germany
Titisee, Germany
Belchenland, Germany

Pictures, sure.




Gourdes, France
Mont Blanc
Eagles Nest
Gazebo from Sound of Music


Town party in backwoods Hungary

That’s just the first half of the pictures. You’ll need to send in comments if you want to see the rest.