ZwanzigZ Brewery and Brewpub takes home national title from GABF, wins 2 medals – GABF results

zwanzigz_pumpkinI’ve long been praising Brewer Mike Rybinski of ZwanzigZ in Columbus, IN.  In fact, many if not all who’ve written for have commented on the great beer, often looking forward to the ghost pepper stout!  Now it’s official.  Judges at the Great American Beer Festival not only anointed ZwanzigZ with silver twice this year, they named ZwanzigZ  Small Brewpub and Small Brewpub Brewer of the Year 2016!  Way to go!  And Indiana residents can all visit this award winner!

Folks there are 4,800 breweries in the U.S. right now.Many of them small and many small brewpubs.   Do you realize how difficult it is in this year to win THIS award!  Yet, from all I’ve visited in more than 15 states in the past 18 months I could not think of a better winner than this!   Consistent!  Every beer is tasty!

ZwanzigZ received a silver GABF award for one of their ‘staples,’   The Ticket Chocolate Beer.  Since the beginning Mike has been brewing this chocolate beer,  an ale that does not look like chocolate, is not a chocolate stout, it simply tastes like chocolate.  I recall the first time I had this beer I was enthralled with the chocolate flavor. I was so excited I bought a growler of The Ticket and took it home.  I learned that for my taste, 8 ounces of chocolate beer is a nice sweet treat.  Yet, 64 oz of that beer would be 8, 8 oz portions and I found it was just not my thing to sit and drink a couple of pints at a time.  This beer sells very well in the brew pub so clearly fans can down it one pint at a time and a lot of pints.

The second silver from GABF for Mike this year was  Frankenwald Eisbock.  I’ve learned when Mike wants to brew to style he is very meticulous and very accurate!   I have tasted this one. Even though it is high alcohol as  an eisbock should be this is delicious, and I’m afraid if I was sitting at home I could drink more than I should.

ZwanzigZ Pizza & Brewpub

ZwanzigZ Pizza & Brewpub

Mike explained to me some time ago that he fairly much followed a traditional process. The beer gains strength and flavor by freezing as it matures.   Water freezes before alcohol allowing ice crystals to be drained off and strong beer to remain, usually at about 10% alcohol.

The last  time I visited the brewpub I’ve enjoyed a delicious Rauch or smoke flavored beer that was also brewed to the German style. On another visit I truly enjoyed the Libido Scotch Ale.

Congratulations to the Zwanzig family who also serve great pizza.  As well to Mike and the brew team!  ZwanzigZ is located at 1038 Lafayette Ave, Columbus, IN about 3 miles or seven minutes from the I-65 Columbus exit, or about 8 miles or twelve minutes from the Edinburgh Premium Outlet mall down old Indiana Highway 31 to Eleventh Street.  Hours:

11AM – 9PM

11AM – 10PM

ZwanzigZ opened in 2012.

Here is my post from 2013 about ZwanzigZ  click

Further congratulations to Indiana’s other GABF Medal Winners this year:

Sun King Brewing Co. Indianapolis for Belgian-Style Fruit Beer  Cherry Busey – Silver
Carson’s Brewery Evansville for  Double Red Ale – RIPA – Silver
Daredevil Brewing Co. Indianapolis for  German-Style  Vacation Koelsch – Silver